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National Organics Recycling

National Organics Recycling Conference 2018 Montréal, QC September 19-21, 2018

You play an important role in the success of organics recycling in Canada. The opportunity for organics recycling and compost production extends across all walks of life and sectors.

With well over 40% of our waste stream comprised of organic residuals, municipal and private sector waste management programs deliver quantum diversion results when and only when organic residuals are included in diversion strategies, collection and processing programs. Include the added benefits realized with greenhouse gas reductions and the products created for the health and vitality of soils as well as water conservation and the environmental and economic benefits are enormous.

The Compost Council of Canada would like to invite you to our 28th National Annual Organics Recycling Conference, which promises to bring together expertise in all aspects of organics recycling – from collection of feedstocks to processing, engineering, communication and compost markets. We will offer a diverse set of facility tours, a wide array of speakers, a trade show area featuring technologies and service providers

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